As the whole world grapples with the personal, professional, and economic fallout of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to help our tax and small business clients stay up to date on the latest news affecting them each day. Keep checking back for the top headlines to stay informed.

Here is some of the important news to keep up with today:

October 15

CNBC: Jobless claims jump, hitting highest level since mid-August

Forbes: Report: Billionaire Robert F. Smith Will Settle Federal Tax Evasion Case For $140 Million

Politico: Millions of workers face jobless benefits cliff with lifeline set to expire

The Hill: Wells Fargo fires 100 employees suspected of abusing coronavirus relief funds

October 14

The Hill: IRS closes in on final phase of challenging tax season

CNBC: AMC warns it could run out of cash this year

Small Business Trends: 45% of Small Businesses Have Earned Half or Less of Their Pre-COVID Revenue During Pandemic

CNN Business: Black Friday deals for days: Walmart is trying to avoid crowds this year

October 13

CNN Business: Another huge round of airline losses is coming

Forbes: Tax Law Changes Allow For Year-End Charitable Planning Opportunities

CNBC: Lawmakers have been discussing second $1,200 stimulus checks for 5 months. Why those payments are still uncertain

The Hill: Stocks drop as stimulus talks waver

October 12

The Washington Post: Amid pandemic, many businesses in precarious spot as 2020 ends

Forbes: Urgent Call For Second Stimulus Checks And Economic Stimulus Relief

USA Today: Microsoft adopts ‘hybrid workplace’ that will let more employees work from home permanently

October 11

USA Today: 865,000 women left the workforce last month

Forbes: Most Taxpayers On Extension Must File By October 15

CNBC: Democrats and Republicans dismiss Trump’s coronavirus stimulus offer, dimming hopes for a deal

October 10

Forbes: SBA Easing Forgiveness Of Paycheck Protection Program Loans Of $50,000 Or Less

CNBC: Bubbles, tents and greenhouses: Restaurants get creative to keep outdoor diners warm

Politico: Hard-hit small businesses face long winter without lifeline

October 9

The Wall Street Journal: WarnerMedia Plans Thousands of Job Cuts in Restructuring

The Hill: Under 30 percent of workers expect to return in person by the new year: survey

CNN Business: The US debt is now projected to be larger than the US economy

October 8

AP: Bleak outlook without stimulus: More layoffs, anemic growth

CNBC: Jobless claims were worse than expected amid slowdown in hiring

The Hill: Supreme Court hears landmark $9B copyright fight between Oracle, Google


October 7

CNBC: Trump says he’s calling off stimulus negotiations with Democrats ‘until after the election’

CNN Business: Southwest Airlines wants workers to take pay cuts to avoid furloughs

The Hill: Powell warns of downward spiral of layoffs, recession without further coronavirus aid

October 6

CNN: John McAfee indicted for tax evasion, arrested in Spain

The Wall Street Journal: How Coronavirus Changed the Retail Landscape

CNBC: Pelosi, Mnuchin speak for an hour but don’t reach a coronavirus stimulus deal

October 5

USA Today:
 IRS extends deadline to register for a stimulus check, giving millions more time to get Economic Impact Payments

MarketWatch: Economists growing less optimistic about outlook for U.S. economy

Forbes: IRS Must Pay $100 Million Worth Of $1,200 Stimulus Checks, Judge Orders In Prisoners’ Lawsuit

October 4

Business Insider: Nancy Pelosi says progress is being made on more US stimulus and tells airlines ‘don’t fire people’


October 3

The Washington Post: House Democrats pass $2.2 trillion stimulus bill over GOP opposition; bipartisan talks continue

CNBC: ‘Massively concerning’ jobs report sends a signal that the economic recovery could be fading


October 2

CNN: House approves $2.2 trillion stimulus plan from Democrats with no bipartisan deal in sight 

The Wall Street Journal: How To Avoid Paying the Cruelest Tax: Inflation

CNBC: Two months later, the end of the $600 boost to unemployment benefits is already causing a drag on the economy

October 1

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. to Start Forgiving PPP Loans After Borrowers Complained

Yahoo! Finance: Jobless claims: Another 837,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

CNBC: House delays vote on $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill to allow more time for talks

The Hill: American Airlines to furlough 19,000 workers

September 30

CNBC: Pandemic forces a reckoning for restaurants coping with capacity limits and new consumer habits

Bloomberg: New York Region Sees 40% Bankruptcy Surge, Braces for More

Forbes: What the Work-From-Home Boom Means for Your Future

CNN: Disney is laying off 28,000 employees as pandemic hammers its theme parks

The Wall Street Journal: Seven Airlines Close Billions of Dollars in Loans With Treasury

September 29

Business Insider: The average amount Americans pay in federal income taxes, by income level

Fast Company: Headed back to the office? These are your rights as an employee

CNBC: United, pilots agree on schedule reductions to avoid nearly 3,000 furloughs

Forbes: Stimulus Update: $2.2 Trillion Stimulus Package Proposal Unveiled, Includes $1,200 Stimulus Checks And $600 Unemployment Benefits

September 28

The New York Times: Some Workers Face Looming Cutoffs in Health Insurance

Accounting Today: Tax relief granted for Hurricane Sally victims

CNBC: Office real estate market will get back to pre-Covid level, in 2025: Cushman & Wakefield


September 27

CNBC: Pelosi believes coronavirus stimulus deal still possible as Democrats prepare new package

Forbes: Man Finds 9-Carat Diamond. IRS Finds—And Taxes—Man

Politico: No forgiveness: Small businesses still on hook for rescue loans

September 26

Forbes: IRS: Claim Your $1,200 Stimulus Check By October 15

MarketWatch: U.S. September job report is going to show economy entering a weaker phase

CNBC: Retailers have started paying rent again but are still fighting with their landlords

September 25

Business Insider: Half of adults who lost their jobs during the pandemic are still unemployed

MarketWatch: Walmart is hiring 20,000 seasonal workers — here’s how a seasonal job could affect your unemployment benefits

CNBC: House Democrats prepare new $2.4 trillion stimulus plan with unemployment aid, direct payments

September 24

CNN: Congress poised to leave town until after the election without passing coronavirus stimulus

Yahoo! Finance: U.S. business activity slows, house price inflation accelerates

Accounting Today: IRS says lenders don’t need to report PPP loan forgiveness

The Hill: Remote work poses state tax challenges

CNBC: Weekly jobless claims rise unexpectedly as stimulus boost fades

September 23

The New York Times: Uber and Lyft Could Gain From U.S. Rule Defining Employment

ABC News: House passes short-term spending bill to avoid government shutdown

CNBC: $300 unemployment benefits end in at least 9 states as stimulus hopes fade

USA Today: Restaurant chain Sizzler files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing impact of COVID-19 pandemic

CNN Business: Walmart, UPS and others are staffing up for an online shopping surge this holiday season


September 22

CNN Business: Six months into the pandemic, the US economic outlook is getting gloomier 

The Hill: DC investing $4M to help small businesses winterize outdoor dining areas

CNBC: ‘We are stuck, with little to no options’: 6 months after the CARES Act passed, many Americans are still struggling


September 21

USA Today: U.S. could slip into double-dip recession if Congress doesn’t pass new stimulus, some economists say

Forbes: What Happens If There Is No Second Stimulus Package?

MarketWatch: 165 Million Americans Will Witness a Social Security First in 2021


September 20

The Hill: Airline CEOs plead with Washington as layoffs loom

Forbes: The 2020 Housing Boom Is A Perilous Economic Signal

CNBC: Coronavirus recession ends for the rich but is far from over for lower-income communities


September 19

CNBC: The list of countries where travelers can go live and work remotely is growing

The Wall Street Journal: No Job, Loads of Debt: Covid Upends Middle-Class Family Finances

Yahoo! Finance: Wait, it’s September and you still haven’t received your tax refund? Here’s why


September 18

Fast Company: 60% of shuttered businesses on Yelp will never reopen

The Hill: CBO: COVID-19 rescue packages saved 4.7 percent in GDP

CNBC: Airline CEOs meet with White House in last-minute plea for more coronavirus aid

September 17

CNBC: Trump suggests he could back a bigger coronavirus stimulus as top aide says he’s more optimistic about a deal

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Unemployment Claims Held Steady at 860,000 Last Week

Bloomberg:When to Stop Working From Home? How About Never, Workers Say

Yahoo! Finance: Fed signals interest rates to stay near-zero through 2023


September 16

CNBC: Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent

The Hill: Businesses, states pass on Trump payroll tax deferral

Forbes:There’s A New Tax Form – With Some Changes – For Freelancers & Gig Workers

Fast Company: Your HR manager is now your nurse, hall monitor, and remote IT liaison

September 15

NBC News: Didn’t receive a stimulus check? The IRS wants to help you.

Forbes: Mnuchin Says More Stimulus Needed—Don’t Worry About The Deficit

CNBC: Americans are raiding retirement savings during coronavirus pandemic

September 14

CNN: JCPenney could be doomed, even as malls race to save it

The New York Times: Payroll Tax ‘Cut’ Fizzles

NPR: As Auto Industry Roars Back, Worker Shortages Throw Up Roadblocks

USA Today: More workers hit with pay cuts than in last recession, and stagnant wages could linger


September 13

Forbes: IRS Releases New Per Diem Rates For Taxpayers Who Travel For Business

Fast Company: Extra $300 unemployment update brings bad news from FEMA about the end of benefits

CNBC: Why third-quarter taxes are confusing for small businesses in the Paycheck Protection Program


September 12

Business Insider: Trump’s $300 unemployment benefit is expiring with nearly 30 million Americans still on unemployment

Forbes: Your First Look At 2021 Tax Rates: Projected Brackets, Standard Deductions & More

CNBC: Movie theaters rushed to reopen, but now there are no blockbusters to play


September 11

CNBC: At least 20 states start paying the extra $300 weekly unemployment benefit

ESPN: Ex-New York Jets WR Josh Bellamy charged in $24 million coronavirus relief loan scheme

CNN Politics: After negotiations falter, Senate fails to advance Republican bill addressing coronavirus pandemic

The Hill: IRS to offer tax filing form in Spanish for the first time

CNBC: Goldman now sees a 35% jump in Q3 GDP, much higher than the rest of Wall Street

September 10

CNBC: Weekly jobless claims miss estimates as employment gains taper

Yahoo! Finance: There’s a ‘staggering shortage of homes on the market’: economist

The Hill: Dozens of Austrians with no US affiliation get coronavirus stimulus checks: report

CNBC: Mall owners Simon, Brookfield set to rescue JC Penney from bankruptcy in $800 million deal


September 9

The Hill: Senate to vote Thursday on GOP coronavirus bill

CBS: IRS: Up to 9 million people need to claim federal stimulus checks

Yahoo! Finance: Coronavirus stimulus: What’s in Senate Republicans’ pared-down relief bill

CNN Business:JPMorgan investigates employees over potential misuse of PPP loans


September 8

CNBC: Labor Day weekend air travel hits nearly 6-month high, but holiday caps dismal summer season

The Hill: Senate to vote on scaled-down coronavirus relief package

Fast Company: Will companies open back up after Labor Day? Business executives reveal their plans


September 7

The Hill: Five things to know about Trump’s payroll tax deferral

Forbes: Second Stimulus Check Update—Congress Returns To Session Tomorrow

CNBC:These restaurant chains are unveiling new designs inspired by the pandemic


September 6

Business Insider:Global economies are ‘several quarters’ away from returning to pre-pandemic levels

NBC News: August jobs report may appear rosy, but most job cuts have yet to hit, economists warn

Politico: ‘A tale of 2 recessions’: As rich Americans get richer, the bottom half struggles


September 5

CNN:US adds 1.4 million jobs in August, but is still down 11.5 million jobs since Covid hit

The Hill: Labor Day caps dismal summer for travel and tourism

Forbes: The Payroll Tax Holiday Is Not A Tax Cut. Here’s Why It Matters

September 4

The New York Times:Unemployment Claims Show Layoffs Continue to Batter Economy

The Hill: Florida man accused of misusing $2M coronavirus small business loan to buy boat

CNBC: Most American vacationers plan to spend the Labor Day weekend working, survey finds

September 3

USA Today: Number of Americans seeking jobless aid remains high as economy struggles with COVID-19

AOL: Coronavirus stimulus: Extra unemployment benefits remain stalled as executive actions fail to replace negotiations

The Hill: Social Security trust fund to run out by 2031: CBO

September 2

Reuters: Thousands of small-business loans may have been fraudulent, U.S. House panel finds

CNBC: Job growth expected to slow sharply over the next decade, Labor Department says

NPR: Making Gyms Safer: Why The Virus Is Less Likely To Spread There Than In A Bar

CNN Business: It’s been 6 months of working from home. Here’s what we’ve learned

September 1

CNBC: The payroll tax deferral takes effect Sept. 1. What it really means for your paycheck

The Hill: Treasury: 70 percent of stimulus payment money sent to dead people has been recovered

MarketWatch: Americans are spending less at grocery stores as second round of stimulus checks remain on hold

August 31

The New York Times: Bill for Trump’s Tax Holiday Will Be Due Next Year, Treasury Dept. Says

CNN: These businesses are making more money because Americans are staying home

Forbes: Stimulus Deal Getting Closer, But There’s More Work To Be Done


August 30

CNN: Here’s what the payroll tax deferral action means for you

Forbes: COVID Shutdowns Crushed Home Furnishings And Furniture Stores. The Squeeze Will Continue.

CNBC: Homeowners, in foreclosure, will also face tax implications. What you should know


August 29

CNBC: IRS guidelines put employers on the hook for Trump’s payroll tax break

The Hill: Americans saved nearly $91 billion by working from home during pandemic: report

Forbes: Questions Remain After IRS Rolls Out Guidance On Payroll Tax Deferral

August 28

The New York Times: White House Wants Companies to Foot Payroll Tax Bill for Workers

CNBC: 25% of U.S. malls are expected to shut within 5 years. Giving them a new life won’t be easy

Reuters: U.S. Labor Department changes jobless claims data methodology after economic shock

The Hill: Consumer spending slowed in July as coronavirus surge dampened recovery

August 27

Forbes: New PPP Rules From SBA Aimed At Clarifying Loan Forgiveness

The New York Times: Airline Job Cuts Could Pressure Congress and Trump on Stimulus

CNBC: Another million applied for jobless benefits as coronavirus pandemic’s economic toll rises

August 26

CNBC: More pain ahead for landlords as restaurant bankruptcies poised to balloon in coming months

Forbes: IRS To Mail 50,000 Stimulus Checks Next Month 

USA Today:‘We shouldn’t have to beg’: Americans struggle without unemployment aid as Congress stalls on extending benefits

August 25

CNN: Tracking America’s economic recovery during coronavirus

Forbes: Sorry America, But The Second Stimulus Check May Not Happen After All

Politico: Economy hurting after Congress fails to act on stimulus

The Hill: Survey: One-fifth of small businesses will close if conditions don’t improve

August 24

Politico: Not just a low-wage recession’: White-collar workers feel coronavirus squeeze

Bloomberg: Goldman Says Almost a Quarter of Temporary Layoffs in U.S. to Be Permanent

CNBC: Economists see a chance of a double-dip recession, survey shows

August 23

CNN: Jobless Americans surviving on less than $200 a week in some states — and urging Congress to act

Fast Company:Extra unemployment and stimulus check update: A few states are sending out aid this week

CNC: Struggling retailers rush to file for bankruptcy as fears of a second wave of coronavirus linger

August 22

CNN: American Airlines is dropping service to these 15 cities. This is likely only the beginning

Deadline:Unemployment Funds For California Approved By FEMA, But When You’ll See It Is In Question

The Hill: Mortgage delinquencies of at least 90 days rise to highest level in 10 years

August 21

Forbes: IRS Releases Draft Form 1040: Here’s What’s New For 2020 

The Hill: Uber, Lyft granted emergency stay of injunction requiring drivers be reclassified in California

CNBC: Why there’s still hope for second $1,200 stimulus checks despite stalled congressional talks

August 20

Fast Company: My startup made difficult layoffs. Here’s how I kept morale up and our culture intact

USA Today: IRS to distribute tax refund interest checks to taxpayers who filed 2019 returns on time

CNBC: U.S. Jobless Claims Rise to More Than 1 Million

August 19

CNBC: 7 states approved to offer extra $300 weekly unemployment benefits

Forbes: 30 U.S. Business Associations Call Trump’s Executive Order Deferring Payroll Tax Obligations ‘Unworkable’

The New York Times: Uber and Lyft Consider Franchise-Like Model in California

CNN Business: Housing market is still going strong and propping up the economy

CNBC: Walmart says consumer spending dropped as stimulus checks ran out

August 18

Accounting Today: IRS offers reprieve for taxpayer checks caught in backlog of unopened mail

MarketWatch: Boeing offers workers a second round of voluntary layoffs

CNBC: $300 unemployment boost may last for only for 3 weeks

Forbes: A Tiny Silver Lining From The Pandemic: Small Businesses Are Expanding

Bloomberg: FHA Mortgage Delinquencies Reach a Record, Led by New Jersey

August 17

The New York Times: The Week in Business: Unemployment Checks Get Chopped

CNBC: A flood of job losses looms as airline industry struggles in pandemic

Forbes: Columbia Announces Undergrads Will Study Remotely, Latest College To Reverse Course


August 16

CNN Business: Uber and Lyft could shut down in California this week. It may not help their cause

The Motley Fool: Working Remotely During Coronavirus? Prepare for This Tax Surprise

CNBC: ‘It’s nerve-racking’ — Millions of Americans are still furloughed and unsure when they will return to work


August 15

CNET: Some people will receive an interest payment from the IRS in 2020. See if you’ll get one

Fast Company: Unemployment extension update: Is the extra benefit $400 or $300? What’s taking so long?

CNBC: House lawmakers met with White House on stalled coronavirus relief talks


August 14

CNBC: Coronavirus stimulus stalemate could drag on for weeks as Congress leaves town

The Wall Street Journal: Trump’s Payroll-Tax Deferral Plans Spur Confusion

The Hill: July retail sales slow to 1.2 percent, below expectations

MarketWatch: ‘It’s a huge decision’: Judge hands a win to businesses demanding insurance coverage for lost income due to coronavirus


August 13

Fast Company: Will Uber shut down in California? CEO Dara Khosrowshahi threatens just that

The Hill: Tax preparers warn unemployment recipients could owe IRS

CNBC: PPP loan forgiveness starts this week. Why some businesses aren’t rushing to apply

CNN: Business: First-time jobless claims fall below 1 million for the first time since March


August 12

The Hill: Corporate bankruptcies on pace for 10-year high

Politico: Derailment of small business rescue clouds U.S. recovery

Vox: How the beauty industry is surviving the pandemic

August 11

CNBC: Judge grants preliminary injunction requiring Uber and Lyft to stop classifying drivers as contractors

The Motley Fool: How Bad Did Unemployment Get During the Great Recession?

The Hill: Clorox president says company ships nearly 1 million packages of wipes daily

Entrepreneur: Facebook Offers Employees $1K, Extends Work From Home Policy to July 2021

CNBC: Companies are talking about turning ‘furloughs’ into permanent layoffs

August 10

The Wall Street Journal: Millennials Slammed by Second Financial Crisis Fall Even Further Behind

CNN: Breaking down the executive actions Trump signed on coronavirus relief

Politico: Businesses blast key Fed program, saying banks not interested in lending


August 9

Yahoo! News: Trump allows some unemployment pay, defers payroll tax

Fast Company: For 10% of the workforce, working from home could be here to stay

CNN Business: The reality of the US jobs rebound: Part-time work and less pay

August 8

CNN:Stimulus talks break down on Capitol Hill as negotiators walk away without a deal

The Hill: PPP application window closes after coronavirus talks deadlock 

CBS News: Restaurants lobby Congress for $120 billion “lifeline” as thousands face permanent closure


August 7

CNN: Stimulus talks on the brink of collapse as two sides trade blame and get no closer to a deal

The New York Times: Amid Dire Jobless Numbers, Small-Business Relief Program Nears End

MarketWatch: 4 million older workers will be pushed out of the workforce by October

The Hill: DOJ charges five for more than $4M PPP fraud scheme

August 6 

Forbes: SBA Makes Further Changes To PPP Rules In August 4th FAQs

CNN: Working from home? You might owe income tax to two states

Reuters: U.S. job market recovery appears to be slowing, services sector powering ahead

CNBC: U.S. weekly jobless claims total 1.186 million, lowest level of the coronavirus pandemic

August 5

Bloomberg: White House, Democrats Aim for Virus Relief Deal by End of Week

CNBC: Paychex CEO says small business employment is starting to look like April again

Yahoo! Finance: Over 100 CEOs beg Congress: Don’t let small businesses fail permanently

Entrepreneur: This Founder Gave Away Profits During the Pandemic – And His Company Thrived

Bloomberg: ADP’s U.S. Job Data Misses Estimates, Signaling New Virus Drag

CNBC: is laying off up to 25% of its workforce due to coronavirus downturn

August 4

The New York Times: Small Businesses Got Emergency Loans, but Not What They Expected

CNBC: Nearly half of all furloughed workers now believe their temporary layoff will become permanent 

Bloomberg: Bankruptcies Rip Through U.S. Mall Tenants With No End in Sight

The Wall Street Journal:Covid-19 Hastens the Work-at-Home Revolution

The Hill: Air travel picks up alongside strict mask enforcement

August 3

Reuters: White House, Congress talks on COVID-19 bill to resume Monday afternoon

The Washington Post:Lord & Taylor, the country’s oldest department store chain, files for bankruptcy

CNN Business: These companies are working from home until 2021 — or forever

USA Today: Lowe’s giving out COVID-19 relief grants up to $20,000 for small businesses through nonprofit LISC


August 2

The New York Times: U.S. Small Business Bailout Money Flowed to Chinese-Owned Companies

Forbes: Update: $1,200 Stimulus Check? Likely. $600 Unemployment Benefit? Not So Fast

CNBC: Retail rents plummet across New York City, as America’s glitzy shopping districts turn into ghost towns


August 1

CNBC: Tax hike on California millionaires would create 54% tax rate

CNN Business: August rent is due. Here’s what to do if you can’t pay it

The Hill: Consumer spending rises in June despite falling incomes, surging virus cases

July 31

Politico: Millions to lose $600 weekly jobless aid amid Senate stalemate

CNBC: Restaurants are in ‘fight mode’ as they cope with pandemic, Dunkin’ Brands CEO says

Vox: Thursday’s historically bad economic growth numbers, explained

CNN Business: This is the only city in America where unemployment is actually down

July 30

Bloomberg: U.S. Is About to Unveil the Ugliest GDP Report Ever Recorded

CNBC: Fed holds rates steady, says economic growth is ‘well below’ pre-pandemic level

Forbes: Second Stimulus Unemployment Update: More Than 30% Of Americans Couldn’t Last A Month Without $600 Checks

CNBC: A third of small-business owners have tapped personal funds to stay afloat, survey finds

Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus-induced 32.9% collapse in GDP is one for the record books

CNN Business: Unemployment claims rise for second week in a row

July 29

CNN: Man spent PPP funds on hotels, jewelry and $318,497 Lamborghini, authorities say

Business Insider: The $600 unemployment bonuses did not lead to people working less, Yale study finds

Washington Post: Here is what’s in the Senate GOP’s $1 trillion ‘Heals Act’ package

The New York Times: Uber and Lyft Drivers Win Ruling on Unemployment Benefits

Reuters: Rising COVID-19 cases dent U.S. consumer confidence; housing market presses ahead

Forbes: Simplifying The PPP Loan Forgiveness Process

July 28

CBS News: Senate GOP outlines next coronavirus relief bill as deadline for enhanced unemployment benefits nears

Bloomberg: Thousands of $600 Checks Never Made It to Unemployed Americans

Reuters: Siemens to let staff spend less time in the office permanently

US News & World Report: The $600 Unemployment Insurance Boost Is Expiring: Here’s What to Know

CBS News: Does extra $600 in federal jobless aid really discourage people from returning to work?


July 27

The Hill: White House, Senate GOP race to finalize coronavirus package ahead of Monday rollout

CNBC: How firms are keeping staff and secrets safe from hackers now everyone is working remotely

The Washington Post: GOP, White House aim to temporarily reduce weekly unemployment benefit from $600 to $200

MarketWatch: Google to keep employees at home until next year, the WSJ reports

CNN Business: Here’s what the Twitter hack tells us about potential security risks of working from home

Bloomberg: McConnell’s Release of GOP Relief Plan Is Starting Gun for Talks

July 26

The Hill: Slip in job growth raises fear of broader relapse

Forbes: Next Stimulus Package on Monday: $1,200 Stimulus Check, Eviction Moratorium, and Reduced Unemployment Aid In CARES 2 Act

CNBC: Gig workers are finding it harder to make money as surging unemployment drives up competition

July 25

The Hill: Pelosi suggests House could stay in session longer to complete COVID-19 relief bill

The Motley Fool: Three ways the coronavirus-caused recession could affect Social Security and your retirement

CNBC: Airlines lose billions as demand ‘stalled,’ CEOs warn recovery hinges on a coronavirus vaccine

Politico: 40 million Americans face student loan cliff

July 24

Vox: How the coronavirus outbreak is roiling the film and entertainment industries

Politico: Housing market defies expectations amid economic turmoil

CNBC: Mnuchin says GOP plan for unemployment extension will be based on ’70% wage replacement’

Newsweek: GOP to Propose Another Round of $1,200 Stimulus Checks–Who Will Be Eligible?

July 23

NBC News: For the first time in 30 years, Walmart will be closed on Thanksgiving

The Hill: White House, senior Republicans pour cold water on short-term unemployment extension

CNN Business:The economy is in deep trouble again. Coronavirus is to blame

MarketWatch: U.S. new jobless benefit claims rise for first time since late March

CNBC: 59% of Americans don’t plan to renew their gym memberships after Covid-19 pandemic: survey

July 22

CNBC: Billionaires in New York could pay $5.5 billion a year under new tax

The Hill: CDC: US coronavirus infections likely 10 times higher than reported

Forbes: Stimulus Package Update: Republicans Unite On Second Stimulus Check, Balk Over Payroll Tax Cut

The New York Times: End of $600 Unemployment Bonus Could Push Millions Past the Brink

July 21

CNBC:$600 unemployment boost. Stimulus checks. Government relief is coming to an abrupt end

Bloomberg:Biden Proposes $775 Billion Plan Funded by Real Estate Taxes

Fast Company: The coin shortage is so bad, banks will now pay you extra for change

CNN: Where did $380B in PPP money go?

July 20

The Hill:Congress set for showdown on coronavirus relief legislation

CNBC: U.S. air travel falls for first week since April as coronavirus cases spike

The Washington Post: Trump demands payroll tax cut while GOP eyes benefit cuts for unemployed

The Motley Fool: 72% of Americans Think Our Current Recession Will Last Into 2021. Here’s How to Prepare for That

July 19

CNN: This is the last week of $600 unemployment benefits

Huffington Post: Steve Mnuchin Already Wants To Forgive Billions In PPP Loans

CNBC: A risky bet by America’s mall owners: Plucking retailers out of bankruptcy to salvage a pandemic-hit industry

July 18

CNBC: These business owners got a PPP loan. It may not be enough

The Hill: GOP looks at reducing unemployment enhancement to $200-$400 per week: report

The Motley Fool: Missed the Tax-Filing Deadline? Here’s What You Need to Know.

July 17

CNBC: Weekly jobless claims rise by more than 1 million for 17th straight week

The Hill: More than 100 lawmakers urge IRS to resolve stimulus payment issues

CNN Business: What happens when small businesses can’t pay the rent

Forbes: The ‘Dirty Dozen’ Tax Scams Of 2020: $27 Billion Hit To Business

The Washington Post: White House warns stimulus package ‘must’ include Trump payroll tax cut proposal

CBS News: 1 in 3 small businesses worldwide cut jobs during coronavirus pandemic

July 16

The Hill: Major retailers impose mask mandates for customers nationwide

Reuters: U.S. Paycheck Protection hit some of its mark, but missed the most vulnerable

Fortune: This is what the stock market would look like if the CARES Act never happened

CNBC: How to restart unemployment benefits if your workplace shuts down again

Yahoo! Finance: Twitter Races to Unravel How Cyber-Attack Came From Inside

July 15

Forbes:SBA EIDL Program: Advances No Longer Available But Favorable Loans Still Being Granted

CNBC:Minimum wage workers cannot afford rent in any U.S. state

The Hill:Apple wins $15B EU tax case

Forbes: New Stimulus Package May Be Introduced Next Week

The Wall Street Journal: Why Your Tax Refund May Be Late This Year

July 14

CNBC: ‘Tax us’: Ultra-rich call for higher taxes to aid coronavirus recovery

Vox: The PPP worked how it was supposed to. That’s the problem.

The Washington Post: Workers are pushed to the brink as they continue to wait for delayed unemployment payments

Yahoo! Finance: Majority of Americans think Congress should extend enhanced unemployment benefits past July: poll

CBS News:23 million Americans could face eviction in coming months

Forbes: Why You Might Want To Contribute To A Roth IRA By July 15th

July 13

Fast Company: 7 things to know about the IRS tax deadline on Wednesday

Vox: College towns without college students have small businesses struggling

CNBC: This city is giving residents $500 per month. Some hope it can become a national plan


July 12

CNN Business: These workers’ jobs are most at risk around the world

Politico: Nightlife facing crisis in the city that never sleeps

CNBC: Here are five charts illustrating U.S. economic trends amid the coronavirus pandemic


July 11

US News & World Report:COVID-19 Heroes Must Jump Through Hoops for Workers’ Comp 

Fox Business: A second coronavirus stimulus check? Here’s when Americans could receive the cash

The Motley Fool:Why Didn’t More Small Businesses Apply for PPP Loans?

The Hill: Trump tells Treasury to review universities’ tax exempt status

July 10

CNBC: Big restaurant chains are recovering faster than the rest of the industry, Bank of America says

Forbes: Second Stimulus Checks Will Come Fast If Approved, But Fewer People May Receive Them

Fast Company:$600 unemployment benefit: Will it be extended? Here’s the latest as Congress drags its feet

CNBC: U.S. producer prices unexpectedly fall in June

July 9

CBS News: Jobless claims remain high, with 2.3 million seeking aid last week

CNBC: Empty Manhattan apartments reach record levels, landlords slash rent

Forbes: America’s Economy Is Taking Another Hit As Coronavirus Cases Surge And Businesses Shut Down Again

The Motley Fool: There May Be a $1 Trillion Stimulus Package in the Works

CNBC: You may soon lose unemployment benefits — and that extra $600 a week — if you’re not hunting for jobs

July 8

Business Insider: We may be getting closer to a 2nd stimulus check, but several key details are still unclear

Vox: Congress’s Covid-19 rescue plan was bigger than the New Deal. It’s about to end.

Accounting Today: Accountants predict 2020 will be worst year for economy since World War II

CNET: Extra $600 CARES Act unemployment benefit ends July 31. Here what you should know

The Hill: Five takeaways from PPP loan data

July 7

The Hill: TSA: July 4 weekend air travel down 70 percent compared to last year

CNBC: 13 million gig workers getting unemployment benefits, 41% of the total

NBC News: Here are some of the billionaires who got PPP loans while small businesses went bankrupt

Forbes: Second Stimulus Checks Now Possible, Says McConnell

NPR: ‘We Need Help’: People At Higher Coronavirus Risk Fear Losing Federal Unemployment

July 6

The Motley Fool: 5 Reasons a Second Stimulus Will Be Passed in July

The Hill: IRS, taxpayers face obstacles ahead of July 15 filing deadline

Fast Company: COVID-19 timeline: Track your state’s reopening plan along with new local outbreaks

NBC News: College students are preparing to return to campus in the fall. Is it worth it?

Yahoo! Finance: U.S. service sector rebounds strongly in June

July 5

Bloomberg: Goldman Lowers U.S. GDP Forecast, Sees 4.6% Contraction in 2020

The Wall Street Journal: Don’t Know How Much Stimulus Is Needed? Put it on Autopilot, Some Say

Forbes: Second Stimulus Checks And Student Loan Forgiveness Could Be Coming

July 4

The Hill: Congress eyes tighter restrictions on next round of small business help

CNBC: Bar owners reckon with costly stop and starts as states close them down again

Politico: Rent cliff looms in July as eviction moratoriums expire

July 3

The Hill: Congress gears up for battle over expiring unemployment benefits

Politico: Congress stares down funding cliff for coronavirus aid

The Hill: House votes unanimously to extend deadline for coronavirus small-business loan program

July 2

The Guardian: Is it ethical for businesses to raise prices amid Covid-19? Of course it is

Politico: Employment won’t recover for a decade, CBO says

The Hill: New COVID-19 surge dashes travel industry’s hopes for July 4 weekend

July 1

CNBC: June private payrolls rose 2.37 million and there was a big positive revision for May, ADP says

Journal of Accountancy:
 Senate approves 5-week PPP extension

Small Business Trends: 80% of Small Business Owners Say Pandemic Hurt Business – 55% Feel Positive About Future

June 30

The Paychex: IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch

June 29

CNBC: Top CEOs see business impact from coronavirus lingering until at least the end of 2021

June 28

U.S. Census Bureau: Weekly Census Bureau Survey Provides Near-Real-Time Info on Businesses

June 27

CPA Practice Advisor: With July 15 Deadline Approaching, 37% of Taxpayers Can’t Pay Because of Covid

June 26

Business Insider: 8 states and cities are pausing their reopenings as coronavirus cases spike — here’s how their plans are changing

Yahoo! Finance: More Than $38 Billion in PPP Loans for Small Firms Canceled

CNN: Unemployment claims have fallen for 3 months, but millions still need jobless benefits

The Wall Street Journal: Small Businesses Raced to Spend PPP Funds but Covid-19 Pandemic Drags On

The New York Times: Is a Pandemic the Right Time to Start a Business? It Just Might Be

June 25

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Steady at 1.5 Million in Latest Week

Politico: The IRS thought it wasn’t allowed to withhold stimulus checks from the dead. So it paid more than 1 million of them.

The Hill: IRS to pay interest on refunds issued after April 15

CNBC: Small businesses expect to fail. Here’s what will happen to their PPP loans.

Reuters: U.S. layoffs remain elevated as weak demand persists after businesses reopened

Politico: California to escalate legal battle with gig companies over worker classification

June 24

CNBC: 14% of businesses expect layoffs after using their PPP loan funds

Journal of Accountancy: PPP recipients can apply early for loan forgiveness, SBA says

The Hill: New home sales rose more than 16 percent in May

The New York Times: I.M.F. Predicts Deeper Global Downturn Even as Economies Reopen

CNBC: Millions of Americans will fall off an ‘income cliff’ when extra $600 in unemployment benefits ends next month

June 23

CNBC: Former Wirecard CEO arrested as embattled payment firm’s accounting crisis deepens

Forbes: Justice Department Announces Another PPP Fraud Charge

CNN: Square has started keeping 30% of some retailers’ payments at the worst possible time

USA Today: Bye $600 jobless benefit, eviction reprieve, cash for small firms. COVID-19 relief ending.

CNBC: Here’s why you haven’t received your tax refund

June 22

Forbes: What PPP Loan Borrowers Should Consider When Choosing Between The 8 Or 24 Week Forgiveness Period

The Hill: Small businesses falling behind in economic recovery

The New York Times: New Hope for White-Collar Job Seekers? It Depends on the Job

CNBC: U.S. banks are ‘swimming in money’ as deposits increase by $2 trillion amid the coronavirus

June 21

CNBC: Here are five charts that track how the U.S. economy is recovering from coronavirus

USA Today: IRS expands criteria to withdraw money from retirement plans for those affected by coronavirus

MarketWatch: If You’re Getting a Second Stimulus Check, It’ll Probably Happen by Aug. 8

June 20

Forbes: Here’s How Badly The Coronavirus Has Impacted Americans’ Personal Finances

The New York Times: Vast Federal Aid Has Capped Rise in Poverty, Studies Find

Stanford Business: The Graceful Exit: How to shutter a business when the pandemic forces closure.

June 19

The Wall Street Journal: A New Guide to Air Travel During Coronavirus

Fast Company: Searching for stimulus check updates on Google? Be careful what you click on

Grow: Average stimulus check was $1,800 but it wasn’t enough, study finds, and 25% of people had issues

MarketWatch: Self-employed and considering a PPP loan? There’s good news for you

June 18

CNBC: Jobless claims total 1.5 million, worse than expected as economic pain persists

Forbes: SBA Finally Clarifies PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules: Full Forgiveness For Self-Employed Borrowers

Yahoo! Finance: Powell urges Congressional help for unemployed, municipalities as economy recovers from coronavirus

Vox: How the new rules for the Paycheck Protection Program help small-business owners

June 17

USA Today: Extra $600 in weekly unemployment benefits runs out next month. Here’s how to prepare

CNN: America just had its biggest monthly surge in retail sales. But that’s not the full story

The Hill: IRS says stimulus checks belong to residents, not nursing homes

NPR: With Tax Deadline Looming, IRS Faces Backlog As It Transitions Out Of COVID-19 Crisis

CNBC: San Francisco supervisor proposes a tax on companies with ‘overpaid’ executives

June 16

Forbes: SBA Opens Up New Grants And Loans For Small Businesses And Independent Contractors: The EIDL Program

The Hill: Congress set for fight over expiring unemployment relief

Vox: How the coronavirus outbreak is roiling the film and entertainment industries

CNBC: 68% of parents are worried about paying for college amid Covid-19

Washington Post: Retail sales spiked 17.7 percent in May, after two-month collapse

June 15

CNN: Why a 2nd shutdown over coronavirus might be worse than the 1st — and how to prevent it

Vox: Nursing homes are especially vulnerable to Covid-19. Here’s what it’s like to work in one.

MarketWatch: For older workers, there are risks if they return to the office—and if they don’t

CNBC: The $100 billion conventions industry is starting to reopen after a months-long coronavirus shutdown

June 14

Politico: Kudlow says $600 additional unemployment checks will end in July

CNBC: ‘The second wave has begun’: U.S. doctor says medical system may be stressed if people aren’t careful

Forbes: Fauci Says ‘Real Normality’ Unlikely For A Year As U.S. Continues Pandemic Slog

The Motley Fool: 2 Signs a Second Stimulus Check Might Be on the Way — and 1 Sign It Might Not

June 13

The Hill: State Department resumes passport services after backlog

CNBC: These entrepreneurs are just about out of their paycheck protection funding. Here’s what’s next

Entrepreneur: 4 Ways Startups Can Prepare to Survive Economic Tumult

June 12

Bloomberg: Mom and Pop Shops Left Holding the Bag in Consumer Card Disputes

Fast Company: Cashless payments have spiked during COVID-19, but don’t expect paper money to disappear

The Hill: US hits 2 million coronavirus cases amid surges in some states

Forbes: What’s Open (And What’s Not) As The IRS Resumes Operations

CNBC: Why are we in a recession if the stock market is recovering?

June 11

The Hill: Fed holds rates near zero, plans no hikes until at least 2022

Fast Company: Main Street Lending Program expanded: Here’s what small businesses need to know

CNN: Another 1.5 million Americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week

The New York Times: $130 Billion in Small-Business Aid Still Hasn’t Been Used

June 10

Forbes: WaPo Analysis Shows Coronavirus Disaster Loans Were Inequitably Distributed, SBA Says That’s Not True

The Hill: Senior official estimates $30 billion in stimulus funds will be stolen through coronavirus scams

CNBC: The U.S. is officially in a recession. Will it actually become a depression?

MarketWatch: The extra $600 Americans get in weekly unemployment benefits ends next month — here’s what lawmakers are proposing to replace it

June 9

CNBC: If you used a chunk of your PPP loan for rent, you can still get some forgiveness

Forbes: The $600 Federal Unemployment Boost Is Set To End July 31. Here’s What Happens Next

Yahoo! News: The US economy is officially in recession

The Hill: Pandemic sparked broadest economic collapse since 1870, World Bank says

Fast Company: Experts predict what it’ll take to find a job in a post-COVID-19 world

CNBC: 25,000 stores are predicted to close in 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic accelerates industry upheaval

June 8

Forbes: Second Stimulus Check And Extra $600 Unemployment Benefit On Life Support After May Jobs Report

CNBC: 35 million stimulus checks are still outstanding. What you need to know if you’re waiting for your money

The Hill: New Zealand has no active cases of coronavirus: ‘This is a milestone’

Business Insider: The US faces not a V-shaped recovery but a ‘reverse tick shape’ after shocking jobs data, analysts say

June 7

Forbes: October 15 Stimulus Check Registration Deadline: Low Income, Homeless Sign Up Now

The Motley Fool: Still Owed a Tax Refund for 2019? Don’t Do This, or You’ll Have to Wait Months to Get It

Business Insider: The 10 industries where people are returning to work the fastest

June 6

Fast Company: J.C. Penney store closures: A list of all 154 stores closing

CNBC: How movie industry execs see sets changing as filming resumes during coronavirus pandemic

MarketWatch: Some Americans who got laid off are going back to work — here’s which sectors are rehiring

June 5

MarketWatch: U.S. regained 2.5 million jobs in May, unemployment falls to 13.3%, BLS says

The Hill: American business bankruptcies rose 48 percent in May

CNBC: Beware these common scams that specifically target seniors

Forbes: Don’t Expect A Second Stimulus Check

June 4

CNBC: Senate passes bill to give businesses flexibility in spending coronavirus aid, sends it to Trump

Reuters: Bank of America pledges $1 billion to address racial, economic inequality

CNN: AMC Theatres has ‘substantial doubt’ it can remain in business

Forbes: Congress Agrees On Favorable Changes To Paycheck Protection Loans: What Does It Mean For Borrowers?

CNBC: Jobless claims, total unemployment level worse than expected

June 3

Bloomberg: One-Third of America’s Record Unemployment Payout Hasn’t Arrived

CNBC: After a rush for more small business funding, PPP loan money remains untapped

MarketWatch: Work-from-home productivity pickup has tech CEOs predicting many employees will never come back to the office

June 2

MarketWatch: Why small business owners may want to file taxes AFTER July 15 deadline

Forbes: The End Of The Extra $600 Weekly Unemployment Benefits Threatens Rent Payments

Fast Company: Second stimulus check? Here’s the latest update from the slow-moving Senate

Small Business Trends: 46% of Small Businesses Worry About Cash Shortages on Reopening

CNBC: GDP is now projected to fall nearly 53% in the second quarter, according to a Fed gauge

June 1

The New York Times: Grateful for Aid, but Worried About What Comes Next

Forbes: The Insider’s Guide To Reopening America

Fast Company: One-third of small independent farms could go bankrupt in 2020 due to COVID-19


May 31

CNBC: Five charts that track the U.S. economy as states reopen

The Hill: Expanding tax credit for businesses retaining workers gains bipartisan support

Forbes: Houses Passes PPP Loan Forgiveness Bill, Treasury Issues Harsh Forgiveness Regulations—What You Need To Know

May 30

Politico: Millions of paper tax returns go unopened at short-staffed IRS 

CNBC: Here are the key tax issues you need to know if you will be working remotely permanently

MarketWatch: ‘A prolonged depression is virtually guaranteed without significant federal aid to state and local governments’

May 29

The New York Times: Millions Relying on Pandemic Aid Can See Its End, and They’re Scared

CNBC: Kudlow says there are encouraging signs from reopening states, sees very strong economic rebound

USA Today: House passes PPP bill giving small businesses more time, flexibility to access small business loans

Bloomberg: U.S. Consumer Spending Plunges While Stimulus Boosts Incomes

Vox: What’s up with the housing market in the pandemic: Why housing prices aren’t dropping

May 28

CNBC: Another 2.1 million file jobless claims, but total unemployed shrinks

Forbes: Don’t Mistake Your Stimulus Check (Or Debit Card) For Junk Mail

The Hill: Fed: Sharp economic decline in May leaves businesses ‘pessimistic’ about recovery

Vox: The US has reached a grim milestone: 100,000 coronavirus deaths

Accounting Today: 10 takeaways on the PPP loan forgiveness application

CNBC: New college graduates might not have to pay their student loans for three years

Bloomberg: Big Bankruptcies Sweep the U.S. in Fastest Pace Since May 2009

Brandwatch: Report: Will Covid-19 Change Consumer Behavior in the Long Term?

May 27

Journal of Accountancy: PPP forgiveness guidance issued as Congress mulls changes

Tax Foundation: In Some States, 2020 Estimated Tax Payments Are Due Before 2019 Tax Returns

Vox: The pandemic could change air travel forever

The Hill: IRS reduces donor disclosure requirements for some tax-exempt groups

CNBC: Mortgage demand from homebuyers shows unexpectedly strong and quick recovery, as applications spike 9% from a year ago

May 26

CNBC: New home sales rose slightly in April, defying expectations of a huge 22% drop, as prices fall

USA Today: Back to school? 1 in 5 teachers are unlikely to return to reopened classrooms this fall, poll says

MarketWatch: Try these workarounds if you’re struggling with IRS delays

CNN: As death toll nears 100,000, some Americans break from social distancing during holiday weekend

Forbes: Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions On PPP, EDIL And Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

May 25

CNBC: More than 1 in 4 Americans are raiding their retirement accounts after a coronavirus-related job loss

The Hill: Women suffering steeper job losses in COVID-19 economy

Forbes: June Will Have A Lot To Say About The College Sports Landscape For 2020

CNBC: Doctors face pay cuts, furloughs and supply shortages as coronavirus pushes primary care to the brink

MarketWatch: The No. 1 thing Americans are spending their stimulus checks on — even more than shopping at Costco, Walmart and Target

May 24

The New York Times: Pay Cuts Become a Tool for Some Companies to Avoid Layoffs

CNBC: Big changes could be coming for student loan borrowers

The Hill: Overwhelming majority of publicly traded firms have not returned small-business loans: review

Forbes: Here’s When Major Companies Say Workers Can Return To The Office

May 23

CNBC: Your student loans are on pause, but check your credit score

Forbes: These 10 States Have The Highest Record Unemployment Rates

The Hill: Remote working takes off for Twitter, Facebook, tech companies

Fast Company: IRS second stimulus check: Here’s the latest update and why you shouldn’t expect one anytime soon

May 22

The Hill: Here’s where your state falls on the scale of most to least reopened

The New York Times: What Flying This Summer Will Look Like

Politico: At least a quarter of the workforce is out of a job. How much worse will it get?

Fast Company: Live COVID-19 economy tracker reveals timeline of cases and unemployment in each state

NBC News: Congress is moving to another round of coronavirus relief. Here are the battle lines.

May 21

NBC News: New weekly figures show almost 40 million people lost their job since the pandemic

CNBC: More than half of small businesses are looking to have PPP funds forgiven, survey says

The Hill: Mastercard won’t ask staff to return to office until virus concerns abate

Forbes: SBA Approving Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs): What You Need To Know

Los Angeles Times: California ending coronavirus halt on filming; protocols due Monday

May 20

The Hill: IRS plans to bring some employees back to their offices in June

Forbes: 60% Of America’s CFOs Don’t Expect A Return To Normal Until At Least 2021

CNN: For small businesses, survival may hinge on closing streets

NPR: Facebook Launches Virtual Shopping Mall, Saying It Will Help Small Businesses

Fast Company: Minority business owners are getting shut out from coronavirus relief. Here’s what can help

The Hill: Colleges alter fall schedules as COVID-19 models suggest December surge

May 19

CNBC: Workers who still have their jobs are happier but working harder: CNBC survey

The Hill: Recipients of PPP loans face big decision on Monday

Business Insider: Instead of relief checks, 4 million Americans will get prepaid debit cards this week, Treasury says

ForbesIRS Adds Phone Reps To Answer Questions About Stimulus Checks

CNBC: SoftBank values WeWork at $2.9 billion, down from $47 billion a year ago

May 18

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Expected to Revise Small-Business Aid Program

Fast Company: 6 considerations for planning a return to the office (even when you don’t know everything)

Forbes: SBA Releases Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application: A Deep Dive

The New York Times: The Future of Travel: How the industry will change after the pandemic

CNBC: Tax surprise awaits small businesses that can’t deduct some expenses covered by PPP


May 17

The Hill: Secret Service unearths overseas fraud ring stealing millions in unemployment benefits

Politico: Coronavirus could push Social Security to insolvency before 2030

Business Insider: There are fears the US faces a coronavirus-driven meat shortage, but analysts say there’s actually plenty to go around

Fast Company: ‘Contact tracer’ is the hot well-paying job of our era, and you can train to be one for free

Vox: After the coronavirus pandemic, group fitness will never be the same

May 16

Politico: House approves $3 trillion coronavirus relief package

The Hill: Bipartisan bill aims to help smallest businesses weather the coronavirus crisis

The New York Times: J.C. Penney, 118-Year-Old Department Store, Files for Bankruptcy

Fast Company: This unemployment map shows how millions of job losses are impacting each state

May 15

CNBC: Firms that took a PPP loan under $2 million are about to get a break

The Hill: Less than 40 percent of small businesses have received emergency coronavirus loans: Census Bureau

Business Insider: Salesforce will let employees work from home for the rest of the year, even after offices have reopened

CNBC: Microsoft and UnitedHealth offer companies free app to screen employees for coronavirus

The Washington Post: Small business used to define America’s economy. The pandemic could change that forever.

Politico: Job losses have now hit 40% of low-income homes

The Week: The next phase of America’s coronavirus problem is a massive housing crisis

May 14

Forbes: Why This New Treasury Guidance Is Great News For PPP Loan Borrowers

Fortune: Round 2 of stimulus checks? House plan would send $1,200 per person—including children

CNBC: Weekly jobless claims total 2.981 million, bringing coronavirus tally to 36.5 million

The Hill: Americans’ charitable giving at new low: Gallup

Fast Company: Twitter will let employees work from home permanently. Will other companies follow?
May 13

CNBC: House Democrats unveil new $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill

The Wall Street Journal: PPP Changes Trip Up Small Businesses

USA Today: April grocery store prices made highest jump in more than 40 years

CNN: California’s main universities not likely to return to campus this fall

The Washington Post: Small business used to define America’s economy. The pandemic could change that forever.

May 12

The Hill: Boeing chief: Major airline will ‘most likely’ fold in next few months

Forbes: Yes, Your Extra $600 In Unemployment Is Taxable Income

CBS News: 20 million Americans still waiting for their stimulus checks

Politico: Pro chefs explain what the food industry needs to survive

Bloomberg: Small Firms Join Rush to Return Loans After Rules Revisions

May 11

CNBC: American companies spent years in an economic boom. Then the coronavirus hit

The New York Times: The Airline Business Is Terrible. It Will Probably Get Even Worse.

Forbes: Here’s How The Coronavirus Recession Compares To The Great Recession

Vox: Actual unemployment could be at peak Great Depression levels, say White House advisers

USA Today: Small businesses face rise of ‘friendly fraud’

May 10

The Hill: Officials warn of worsening economic woes after dismal April jobs report

CNBC: Hardest-hit industries: Nearly half the leisure and hospitality jobs were lost in April

Forbes: Mayday For PPP Borrowers – Having To Choose Between Possible Insolvency Or Risking Criminal Prosecution

Fast Company: Hotel bookings plummet more than 85% as the travel industry faces an existential crisis

May 9

CNBC: IRS sets May 13 deadline to submit direct deposit information for stimulus checks

The Hill: Democrats rally behind monthly $2,000 relief checks

Vox: Government loans meant to bail out small businesses could become a financial burden themselves

Politico: Cannabis employees are in high demand during economic crash

CNBC: It pays to stay unemployed. That might be a good thing

May 8

CNN: Record 20.5 million American jobs lost in April. Unemployment rate soars to 14.7%

Politico: California faces $54B budget deficit

The Hill: Tech firms emerge as big winners in new COVID-19 economy

CNBC: White House weighs pushing tax deadline back to Sept. 15

The New York Times: Neiman Marcus, a Symbol of Luxury, Files for Bankruptcy

May 7

CNBC: US weekly jobless claims total 3.169 million, bringing seven-week tally to 33.5 million

ABC News: Airfares could rise 50% with onboard social distancing, industry group warns

Forbes: PPP Borrowers And False Certifications: SBA Extends Amnesty Under Safe Harbor

The Washington Post: SBA slashes disaster-loan limit from $2 million to $150,000, shuts out nearly all new applicants

Bloomberg: U.S. Consumer Comfort Sinks for Seventh Week on Finances Views

CNBC: Stimulus checks have been sent to dead people. Now the IRS has released instructions for how to return the money

May 6

Forbes: Congressional Leaders Tell Treasury That PPP Borrowers Should Be Entitled To Deductions

The Hill: DOJ investigating possible fraud in small business relief program

Bloomberg: U.S. Companies Cut a Record 20.2 Million Jobs, ADP Says

Journal of Accountancy: SBA issues PPP guidance on laid-off employees who refuse to be rehired

CNBC: This tax break is up in the air for employers who furloughed workers

May 5

The Hill: Half of new small-business loan funds allotted in first week

Bloomberg: It’s Only May, But Christmas Is Already in Doubt

Newsweek: 54 Percent of Americans Want to Work Remote Regularly After Coronavirus Pandemic Ends, New Poll Shows

CBS News: Gold’s Gym files for bankruptcy after blow from coronavirus pandemic

Politico: USDA to buy $470M of produce, dairy and seafood

CNBC: Consumer debt hits new record of $14.3 trillion

May 4

The Hill: Obstacles mount for deal on next coronavirus bill

Forbes: Macy’s, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Zappos Approaching Return Of Retail From Many Angles

NBC News: What states are reopening? See where lockdowns have been lifted in each state.

Fast Company: No face mask? No Uber for you

CNBC: As traditional college campuses shut down, online schools get their chance to shine

May 3

The Hill: Retail chains face uphill battle getting shoppers back in stores

USA Today: Besides millions of layoffs and plunging GDP, here’s another worry for economy: Falling prices

Bloomberg: U.S. Economy Poised to Mirror the Post-WWII Glory

CNBC: As coronavirus pandemic pushes more grocery shoppers online, stores struggle to keep up with demand

May 2

The Daily Beast: Another Thing the Virus Could Kill: More Than 1,000 Colleges and Universities

The Hill: Small businesses face big decisions on reopening

Forbes: 10 Things Freelancers Can Do To Weather The Coronavirus

The New York Times: #CancelRent Is New Rallying Cry for Tenants. Landlords Are Alarmed.

CNBC: These business owners couldn’t get a forgivable loan at first. Then it was easy.

May 1

The Hill: IRS: Companies who receive PPP loans will not qualify for tax deductions

CNBC: Wells Fargo will no longer accept applications for home equity lines of credit

Politico: Justice Department launches probe of small business loans

Forbes: Here’s A Look At The Impact Of Coronavirus (COVID-19) On Colleges And Universities In The U.S.

Entrepreneur: To Survive the COVID-19 Crisis, You Have to Think Long-Term

April 30

Bloomberg: Job Losses Deepen in Pandemic With U.S. Tally Topping 30 Million

The Wall Street Journal: Stimulus Checks Sent to Dead Relatives Should Be Returned, Mnuchin Says

CNBC: Big banks temporarily shut out of small business loan portal, Treasury and SBA announce

The Washington Post: How the pandemic consumed the labor market

Fast Company: An epidemiologist on what steps to take if you are preparing to reopen your business

April 29

The Hill: US economy contracts at 4.8 percent rate, most since Great Recession

Business Insider: Award-winning chef Andrew Zimmern says restaurants are facing a near-extinction event and pinpoints the real problems in America’s supply chain

CNBC: Nearly half the global workforce at risk of losing income due to the coronavirus, warns UN labor agency

Forbes: 11 Tax Tips For The Unemployed During The COVID-19 Pandemic

CBS News: Trump invokes Defense Production Act to keep meat processing plants open amid coronavirus crisis

The Hill: Half of Americans say they or someone in their household has been financially impacted by the pandemic: poll

April 28

Politico: Mnuchin warns big companies of criminal penalties over small business loans

Los Angeles Times: Having trouble with the IRS site? Try all caps — yes, really

CNN: Glitches hamper second round of small business loan funding

The Hill: Poll: Almost 9 in 10 concerned about economic collapse

CNBC: Food banks are closing and losing their workforce because of the coronavirus

April 27

The Hill: Small business coronavirus loan program reopens under crush of demand

CNBC: Small essential businesses are grateful to remain open during coronavirus, but running a small business during a pandemic proves challenging

Forbes: Need A Loan Now That The Paycheck Protection Program Is Running Again? Try These Nonbank Lenders

The New York Times: The Tax-Break Bonanza Inside the Economic Rescue Package

CNBC: Public companies took far more small business loans than first thought — here’s the latest tally

The Hill: US capping how much banks can lend as part of coronavirus emergency program

April 26

Entrepreneur: Thank You, Small Business

Forbes: For Up To 100% PPP Loan Forgiveness, Take These 3 Steps The Very Moment You Get Your Loan

The Hill: Scammers pounce as stimulus checks start flowing

Bloomberg: The Back-to-Work Math Gets Messy for America’s Newly Unemployed

CNN Business: ‘The food supply chain is breaking,’ Tyson says as plants close

April 25

The Hill: IRS announces deadline for SSI, VA recipients to quickly get stimulus payments for children

CNBC: Hollywood’s small businesses in crisis as coronavirus shuts everything down

Tax Foundation: A Visual Guide to Unemployment Benefit Claims

Fast Company: How to protect your work-from-home computer from cyberattacks

CNBC: Germans aren’t shopping despite stores being open — experts explain why

April 24

The New York Times: House Passes Relief for Small Businesses and Aid for Hospitals and Testing

The Hill: Trump signs $484 billion coronavirus relief package

CNBC: Tech companies pull back on hiring, flashing another grim warning sign for the U.S. economy

Forbes: Taxpayer Advocate Announces New Tool To Assist With Claiming Stimulus Checks

Politico: Small business loans to restart Monday, Rubio says

Deadline: Coronavirus Kills “Unrecoverable” Los Angeles On-Location Production For 2020, FilmLA Says

CNBC: Some gig workers are getting $0 in unemployment benefits

The Hill: More than 6 percent of US mortgages in forbearance: analysis

April 23

The Hill: 5 things to know about the latest coronavirus relief bill

CNBC: New $310 billion in aid for small businesses is likely already used up, banks say

ABC News: 4.4 million more people file for unemployment in coronavirus crisis

Homelight: Should I Sell My House Now or Wait Until the Coronavirus Eases Up?

Fast Company: Here’s where all the SBA economic injury disaster loans and advances have gone so far

CNBC: Gap warns it might not have enough cash for operations, as it stops paying rent

MSN: The US economy has now erased all job gains since the Great Recession

April 22

Forbes: Ready. Set. Go. Small Businesses And The Race For Round 2 PPP Funds

The Hill: Five threats to US food supply chains

The New York Times: Pandemic’s Costs Stagger the Nursing Home Industry

CBS News: Minority-owned small businesses could see relief in $484 billion aid package

CNBC: Here’s how to avoid a common mistake small businesses make when applying for loans, according to an SBA official

Forbes: 4 Business Trends Emerging From COVID-19

April 21

CNBC: Senate strikes deal on $484 billion relief package for small business, hospitals, testing

Bloomberg: Schumer Says SBA Loan Deal Reached; White House Says It’s Close

The Hill: IRS says Social Security recipients with children must take action to ensure full coronavirus payment now

Politico: Banks warn that new small-business funding could evaporate in 2 days

April 20

Politico: Tax-refund delays mount as IRS struggles with snail mail amid shutdown

Vox: Getting unemployment has been a nightmare for millions of people across the country

The Hill: Bipartisan senators propose $500B rescue fund for states

CNBC: Burger chain Shake Shack to return $10 million government loan

The Washington Post: Coronavirus recession could plunge tens of millions into poverty, new report warns

Politico: Negotiators still fighting behind the scenes on latest relief package

The New York Times: Youth Sports Worry About Weathering Pandemic, and Future Play

April 19

MSN: Coronavirus stimulus checks: Where is the missing money going?

The Hill: House prepares to vote on coronavirus aid package as soon as Wednesday

CNBC: As coronavirus restrictions drag on, Americans shift online spending from stockpiling to entertainment

Forbes: Proposal: Cancel Rent And Mortgages Due To Coronavirus

CNN Business: Experts say it may be time for grocery stores to ban customers from coming inside because of Covid-19

April 18

Bloomberg: Giant U.S. Lenders Outpaced by Rivals in Small-Business Rescue 

CNBC: 24 Hour Fitness weighs bankruptcy as coronavirus pushes fitness industry to brink

The New York Times: Coronavirus Cases at D.C. Whole Foods Highlight Risks Facing Grocery Workers

Forbes: Six Numbers That Show How Hard The Travel Industry Is Being Hit By The Coronavirus Shutdown

April 17

CNBC: Coronavirus bill talks will go through the weekend after small business funds dry up, Schumer says

The Hill: Fresh produce goes to waste as coronavirus wrecks supply chains

Los Angeles Times: California food workers will get extra paid sick leave amid coronavirus crisis

New York Post: Big restaurant chains take $30M in coronavirus loans meant for small businesses

CNBC: Homebuilding just had its worst month since 1984. What traders see ahead for the group

The Hill: Millions wait for virus relief checks in major test for IRS

April 16

The Hill: Small business loan program runs out of funds amid debate over new bill

NBC News: Delays to coronavirus stimulus cash cause angst, confusion: ‘This is all just insane’

CNBC: Freelancers in the movie industry are particularly vulnerable as box office revenue plummets to zero

Fast Company: 7 ways of doing business by Zoom that are here to stay

Fortune: The IRS launched its ‘Get My Payment’ portal for tracking your stimulus check status

April 15

CNBC: 7.5 million small businesses are at risk of closing, report finds

Crunchbase: Layoff Data Report: Startups Under Fire Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Politico: 11 surprising industries the coronavirus downturn is affecting

Los Angeles Times: 10 more businesses face charges for violating Garcetti’s coronavirus order to close

The Hill: Retail sales plunge 8.7 percent in March, biggest drop on record


April 14

The Hill: Food supply worries grow after outbreak closes Smithfield meat plant

Newsweek: When will the IRS ‘get my payment’ stimulus check app launch?

Politico: IMF predicts global contraction on par with Great Depression

Fortune: Are SBA small business loans running out? Here’s what we know so far

USA Today: Can these 10 retailers avoid permanent store closings amid coronavirus pandemic?


April 13

MSNBC: Newark introduces ‘Be Still Mondays’, asking essential businesses to shut down once a week

The Hill: Travel industry presses Congress for $600B boost to small-business loans

CNN Business: One of the largest pork processing facilities in the US is closing until further notice

Vox: Coronavirus stimulus checks are on the way — if you haven’t gotten one already

The Hill: Airline travel has dropped 96 percent amid coronavirus

April 12

Business Insider: Cruise ship bookings for 2021 are already on the rise despite multiple COVID-19 outbreaks

The Washington Post: ‘It feels like a war zone’: As more of them die, grocery workers increasingly fear showing up at work

The Hill: Arts, struggling to survive pandemic, face a longer road to recovery

Politico: Small business loan effort might be less generous than advertised

The New York Times: Fitness Instructors Flock Online to Pump You Up

April 11

The Hill: First coronavirus relief checks hit Americans’ bank accounts

CNBC: Fed’s Quarles says Main Street lending program should be running in 2 or 3 weeks

Fast Company: The architecture industry is getting slammed by COVID-19

CNBC: How restaurants plan to survive widespread layoffs from the coronavirus pandemic

Politico: Farmers left to jockey for bite of rescue funds

Vox: Many small businesses are being shut out of a new loan program by major banks


April 10

Forbes: IRS Announces New July 15 Tax Deadline For Expats, Trusts, Estates And Corporations, Includes June 15 Estimated Payments Fix

The Hill: JPMorgan predicts 20 percent unemployment, 25 million job losses

Politico: Treasury expected to get started on stimulus payments Friday

Bloomberg Tax: IRS Not Processing Paper Returns, Urges Electronic Filing

Fast Company: More than 16 million people have lost their jobs in the last three weeks

TaxBuzz: Track Your Economic Impact Payment in the New IRS Portal

Forbes: Most Small Businesses Applied To The Paycheck Protection Program—And Most Are Still Waiting For The Money

The Hill: Walmart CEO says company sold enough toilet paper in 5 days for every American to have a roll

April 9

Forbes: Another 6.6 Million People Filed For Unemployment Last Week As Coronavirus Continues To Ravage The Economy

Bloomberg: Missed Rent Payments Cascade Across the Real Estate Industry

Fast Company: Can fine dining survive COVID-19? Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park isn’t so sure

MarketWatch: The CEO who built Cisco into a powerhouse has a sobering coronavirus diagnosis: At least nine months of economic pain

Politico: IRS temporarily shutters its last service center

The Hill: Senate blocks dueling coronavirus relief plans

Bloomberg: Millennials Are Getting Stung by Back-to-Back Global Crises

April 8

Fortune: The coronavirus might have upended the concept of the best companies of the year

CNBC: Mortgage forbearance requests jump nearly 2,000% as borrowers seek relief during coronavirus outbreak

Fast company: The COVID-19 economy is devastating for creative workers. Here’s how to navigate it

Washington Post: IRS to begin issuing $1,200 coronavirus payments April 9, but some Americans won’t receive checks until September, agency plan says

April 7

Daily News: LA County giving $10,000 each to businesses as coronavirus hits bottom lines

Barrons: The Dow Is Soaring on Optimism About Covid-19. Travel Stocks Are Rising.

Industry week: Are You Compliant with COVID-19 Leave Laws?

Bloomberg: Pelosi Says Next Stimulus Round Will Be $1 Trillion or More

April 6

CBS News: Wells Fargo stops taking applications for Paycheck Protection Program loans

USA Today: Homeowners hurt by COVID-19 can delay mortgage payments, but some say they’re anxious and confused about the real cost

The Hill: Yellen: Unemployment already likely at 12-13 percent

The Wall Street Journal: Big Restaurant, Hotel Chains Won Exemption to Get Small Business Loans

MarketWatch: Retailers lost 46,200 jobs in March but could lose millions by May

The Hill: Bank of America sees $33B boom in coronavirus rescue loan applications

April 3

The Washington Post: Thousands flood banks as federal small-business loan program begins with bankers expressing worries

CNN: The coronavirus pandemic has been catastrophic for house cleaners and nannies

CNBC: Bank of America’s small business loan portal is up, making it the first major bank to begin program

NPR: U.S. Lost 701,000 Jobs In March; Much Worse To Come

The Hill: Poll: Almost one in four small businesses are two months or less away from closing permanently

Forbes: Coronavirus Business Tracker: How The Private Sector Is Fighting The COVID-19 Pandemic

The New York Times: Trump Administration Scales Back Paid Leave in Coronavirus Relief Law


April 2

NPR: A Dismal Record: Nearly 10 Million Filed For Unemployment In Last 2 Weeks

Entrepreneur: How to Obtain an SBA Coronavirus PPP Loan and Have It Forgiven

USA Today: Here are the companies mass hiring during the coronavirus pandemic

Fast Company: Unemployment benefits for gig workers and freelancers: Here’s what we know so far

Politico: Social Security recipients won’t need tax return to receive stimulus payment

Forbes: Nearly 700,000 Retail Workers Out Of Jobs So Far Because Of Coronavirus

The Hill: 7 industries lobbying for more stimulus


April 1

The Hill: Trump calls on Congress to restore tax deductions for business meals, entertainment

Politico: Coronavirus hits the economy where it hurts: Consumer confidence

CountingWorks: Commercial Tenants: Dealing With COVID-19 Shutdowns and Your Lease Obligations

Fast Company: What is an ‘essential’ business anyway? A cheat sheet for getting through the COVID-19 pandemic

Politico: States overwhelmed by previously unimaginable layoff numbers

CNN: What will travel look like after coronavirus?

The Hill: Poll – 28 percent of Americans say they’ve already lost wages due to coronavirus

March 31

Fast Company: What is ‘force majeure’? The legal term you’ll be hearing a lot during the coronavirus crisis

Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs Sees 34% Plunge in U.S. GDP and 15% Unemployment

Barron’s: What the 1918 Flu Can Teach Us About Avoiding an Economic Meltdown

NBC News: Most cruise lines don’t pay taxes in the U.S. — just one of the reasons they aren’t getting a bailout

Los Angeles Times: Restaurants are pivoting to takeout and delivery. Will it be enough to survive?

Wodify Blog: Coronavirus/COVID-19: Guide for Gym Owners

Touch Bistro: Restaurant Marketing Ideas During Coronavirus

The Hill: Coronavirus poses new threat to mortgage industry

The Daily Beast: Do I Have to Pay My Rent or Mortgage During the Pandemic?

March 30

Fast Company: The coronavirus crisis is hitting childcare workers especially hard

CNBC: A food crisis looms as coronavirus forces farms to stay idle and countries hoard supplies

Forbes: Malls Survived The Retail Apocalypse, But Coronavirus Threatens To Be Their Armageddon

Bloomberg Businessweek: Boutique Fitness Studios Reduce to a Staff of One to Save Their Business


March 29

The Wall Street Journal: White House Extends Social-Distancing Guidelines Until End of April

Forbes: Beware Of Stimulus Check Scams And Related Hoaxes

The Hill: Trump floats restoring full corporate tax deduction for meals as coronavirus derails restaurants

Politico: Cannabis finds its moment amid coronavirus outbreak

Forbes: Zero Contact Everything: Coronavirus Causes The Rapid Rise Of ‘No Touch’ Retail

March 28

The New York Times: David Chang isn’t sure the restaurant industry will survive Covid-19

Forbes: IRS Continues To Limit Operations Due To Coronavirus Crisis, But Will Still Issue Tax Refunds

CNBC: New Yorkers have until July 15 to file state tax returns, Cuomo confirms

Fox Business: Coronavirus stimulus checks: Should you wait to file your 2019 tax returns?

Forbes: How To Maximize Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check

March 27

The Hill: House passes $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill, with Trump to sign quickly

The Wall Street Journal: How the Coronavirus Paid Leave Rules Apply to You

Politico: House to pass $2 trillion coronavirus package — but not without last-minute drama

The Wall Street Journal: Construction Companies Lobby to Keep Working as Coronavirus Spreads

Fast Company: An official World Health Organization COVID-19 app is coming soon

March 26

Forbes: What To Do About Your Student Loans During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

The Wall Street Journal: Small Businesses in Limbo as They Await Coronavirus Assistance for Them

Politico: More questions and answers about the coronavirus checks

Fast Company: Applying for a small business disaster loan? What to know about the COVID-19 stimulus package

Forbes: When You File Your 2019 Tax Return Will Impact Your Stimulus Payment

Tax Foundation: Tracking State Legislative Responses to COVID-19

Forbes: How Will The Coronavirus Bill’s Individual Tax Payments Work?

March 25

The Hill: White House, Senate reach deal on $2 trillion stimulus package

Politico: Here’s what’s in the $2 trillion stimulus package — and what’s next

Fast Company: Coronavirus stimulus checks: What we know so far

The Hill: New York Governor Cuomo: ‘Numbers don’t work’ in ‘terrible’ Senate stimulus package

Fast Company: What to do if you’re laid off during COVID-19: Start with these unemployment resources