In our effort to help our clients navigate through the current unprecedented situation and also to extend our responsibility towards the society by taking necessary steps to help control the spread of the virus, we at WFTFS, LLC wish to introduce you to our new virtual, safe, secure and convenient platform for every type of communication that may be required between us to help provide you the best of our services.

Our Portal is a secure, intuitive, user friendly software solution for every communication required between us. It is a real time and mobile friendly software which helps you to access information or communicate with us from anywhere at any time.

Here are a few steps that you may need to do before you are all set to use the application:

  1. We will send you any invitation email for setting up your account on TaxDome.
  2. Open the email invitation and click on the link provided in there to activate your account.
  3. Then enter your password twice to confirm and hit SUBMIT.

That’s it! Now you can use your portal and may access it anytime in future with the same email id and password as you may need.

As we said before the portal is quiet user friendly, all the menus and/or links are easy to understand. However, we can give you a quick overview of the menus at a high level here.

After you login, you will see your dashboard with notifications about important updates, such as unseen messages, unread documents, pending organizers or unpaid bills.

On the left side, you will see a blue sidebar which will help you navigate through the portal very easily.

  1. Documents: This is where you upload your documents, e-sign, and download whatever we’ve prepared for you.
  2. Messages: This is where you can ask us any questions or respond to any of our requests.
  3. Organizers: This is where you fill out any necessary questionnaires needed for us to prepare your documents.
  4. Contracts: This is where you e-sign custom engagement letters which are used to define the scope of engagement between us.
  5. Bills and Payments: This is where you pay bills for our services and review payments.
  6. Settings: Lastly, this is where you add additional users to your account if needed.

We are sure you will find this new system very easy to communicate. For any more questions you may have regarding our new portal, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to help.